Almond tree

Almond tree

When we refer to the almond tree we should remember that it belongs to two very important categories, such as rustic plants and very very long lasting ones. In fact, the main characteristic of this plant resides in its capacity to grow reaching up to ten meters in height. It is originally from Asia and it is now spread all over the world, but most of all it is a huge presence in the Mediterranean areas. Its leaves are long and not very thick. In a way, they resemble a peach tree leaves. Its flowers are white, tending to turn a little pink, and it blooms in a huge amount of flowers which can appear even before leaves bud. Thanks to its main features, it is widely used to decorate gardens and make green areas more beautiful for the scenery.
Almond tree

The Almond Tree

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Almond characteristics An almond tree is very resistant to diseases and parasite attacks. Its fruits have the typical round but long shape where inside, the almond lies. Depending on the variety we will grow, we could have bitter almonds or sweet almonds, and depending on these features, also the dimensions of the fruits can vary.

    Almond Tree

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    Almond location Almond trees can grow anywhere. Any kind of soil is good for a tree that can last such a long time and resist to any kind of attack if it is well taken care of and well fed with the right nutrients. Nonetheless, it would rather have light soils without having a lot of humidity around, but still it would adapt. Dryness is not a problem as well, as long as it get a little water to keep it from getting too dry and eventually die.


    In order to preserve the strength of the almond tree when grown in parks and gardens, it will need a cherry plum graft which will make it resist even more guaranteeing its long lasting performances. Some almond trees can also boast the capability to reproduce without having to graft, and this feature has been developed with the passing of the centuries. When it is time to fertilize, almond trees will need fertilizers full with phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. The most important thing is not to exceed in quantity to avoid the burning of the plant. Being very resistant, it does not need particular attention in the field of parasites or diseases, but still you will have to be careful, preventing potential attack by taking a good care of the plant in its initial stages which will guarantee its strength for the future.

    Growing techniques

    Depending on the final characteristics you would like your plant to have, you have several ways of growing them. Usually, placing it in areas with a lot of wind blowing will be a plus. Some techniques see the tree getting anchored to a fixed sucker. If you have to trim it, be sure you do not remove the new buds, and always used clean tools to avoid aphids and other pathogens to enter because they may be harmful even if the plant is strong. During the resting season, the inner branches get usually cut because they could get dry and bother the growth of the whole plant.

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