It grows very fast and it can reach high dimensions. The colors of its buds are very typical and the shape of its leaves, as well, are known to be long and with a particular texture. Mangoe has different varieties and this causes different colors and measures of the mango fruits, going from green to red, through orange and yellow.

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The mango tree should be put in a place with a high sunlight exposure, even if they could grow in semi-shadowed areas as well. They can adapt to any kind of temperature, but the sunnier the better. What they suffer the most are the frozen periods. They can be grown indoor but with fewer probabilities of fructifying activity. If you grow it outside, remember that mango trees grow very deep roots, so they will need a deep soil area. Drainage is essential, and the soil should never present the chance to store water creating harmful stagnation.

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    watering mangoThe watering process is vital for mango plants. In fact, they need constant and frequent watering, provided only when the soil looks dry because they cannot stand soaking wet mold. During the winter, the watering should be drastically reduced in order to avoid resting water to get frozen. If grown in the apartment, the plant will need less water and mostly when the soil looks really dry. If you water it too much, they will most likely create fungi and attract other parasites.


    Taking care of your mango plants is relatively simple, most of all if you are growing them indoors. What you should keep in mind is that a wet environment could cause the growth of fungi and parasites, so prevent this by using the correct soil, watering the plants with attention and without letting unhealthy plants live around them. In the case they get attacked, use the right anti-fungal products and always opt for the most natural remedies.


    Mango should be fertilized during the spring. In this period a very particular fertilization is useful to feed the soil with specific nutrients and substances, and the process of fertilization should be repeated at least every 10 days. If you want and you have experience, you could use a specific fertilizer that releases its substances with a constant low disposal and it has to be added every four months only.