Balcony vegetable garden


The vegetable garden on your balcony is the ideal DIY practice to grow healthy and economic greens with just a little bit of patience and care. Designing and planning the space in the most ideal way, you can also perform the general regular agriculture practices, adapting them to the smaller place you want to create in the corner of a terrace or in your balcony. Of course you cannot wish to grow a huge amount of biological vegetable and fruits for everybody, but you can definitely count on a regular organic supply for you and your family. It is not even necessary to have a huge balcony or terrace in order to start planning, because there are even solutions adaptable to walls, railings, plant racks and similar.
Balcony vegetable garden

Create an organic vegetable garden on your balcony: Simple and practical guide for beginners - tips, techniques, plants and resources

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LocationThe ideal oriented location is facing east, or south or even west, but the northern area is not suggested because it is the coldest and it is where musk and green molds grow. Terracotta vases are the ideal containers because they are heavy and they allow the air or humidity transpiration. The roots can grow even in other material vases but, in this case, always be sure the active parts of the plants can grow easily and free. In order to have always the correct space and care possibility, be sure you can reach water pumps or fountains, and all the other instruments you need to take care of your vegetable garden, without having problems or hindrances.

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    How to grow balcony vegetable garden

    Usually, the ideal time to water plants is the sunset, just like if you had a regular vegetable garden. It is always a good idea to keep your plants repaired, no matter the season, because during winter you will have ice and during the summer you will have too much sun. Moreover, very important is the choice of soil you will have where you will plant your small buds. It has to be a very good quality mold rich with minerals and nutrients for each kind of plant. You will also need some tools, specific to the care and growth of balcony vegetable garden because they should be smaller and handier than the regular ones used in agriculture.


    Balcony vegetable garden Care You will have to take care of your balcony vegetable garden following the instructions for each kind of plant you are willing to grow. Some plants will need to be planted, grown and collected, in different time of the years than others, and most of the times, you will have to take care of multiple crops at the same time, which means that you will have to be prepared for the collecting season. Watering has to be planned following the needs of the plant, but also being at least a little bit convenient in order to recognize when and how much watering it will be needed.

    Balcony vegetable garden: Parasites

    As for any other vegetable garden, it depends on the plants your are growing which parasites can attack what. In order to prevent you from driving yourself crazy following each plant’s parasites, the only thing you can do is to always present the ideal conditions for each vegetable and fruit plants, anticipating the arrival of potential destroyers. In this way, you will maintain your balcony crop safe, without having to maintain it, but only taking constant care of it.