Potatoes, that as we should know are tubers, come originally from Central America but they are nowadays widespread all around the world, Europe in particular. Being a tuber it means that the actual product is what lies under the soil and not the flower or the plant itself. Some potatoes produce small kinds of fruits like berries and which contain many seeds. There are different varieties of potatoes: white potatoes, yellow potatoes and red ones as well. It depends on the characteristic they have and the purposes they will be used for. Some are perfect for gnocchi, other to get fried for amazing french fries, and so on.

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Location and exposition

Potatoes ideal location is a place where climate is temperate but cold. Winter should have strong temperatures and the ideal summer is warm and brief, which is why potatoes are cultivated close to mountains and summits. The soil where they are grown is generally simple and well drained, full of organic substances and well managed before these tubers are planted. Exposition to sun is not necessary as long as daylight is present in regular measure.

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    PotatoAs previously mentioned, the soil should be worked and prepared at least a couple of months prior to the installation of the plants. Do not forget to fertilize it as well. At the end of the winter you can begin with the process of getting the soil ready following those procedures that are usually apt to grow potatoes. Potatoes need to be watered a lot, but be sure you do not leave the soil get soaked in order to avoid the growth of fungi in the wet areas that are not well drained. Just keep humidity regular without over watering. When potatoes get green and they begin to grow buds, they should not be eaten because they can be toxic.

    Fertilization and maintenance

    Fertilizing the potato means to provide it with the nutrients that allow substances like minerals to get absorbed by the tuber. Once you get a proper harvest, remember that you will need the very same tubers to reproduce them, just wait until they grow buds and then bury them. Pay attention to parasites and diseases because potatoes are subjected to get them very easily. Some can also destroy the whole plant eating it all out; others like fungi can affect the leaves and the tubers letting the plant go on with its lifecycle but producing unhealthy fruits, and other diseases that should be kept away with specific solutions. Animals and insects, of course, can be dangerous as well.

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