Leaves are big and divided in sectors which are very long. Zucchini flowers are yellow or orange and they bloom on the top of the fruits and on the stalks. Zucchini flowers are known to be perfect allies in the culinary field. The fruits are long or round depending on the species and the skin can be dark green or light green, but the pulp is the same for each kind: thick and spongy with a lot of seeds.

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Zucchini location

Zucchini location The ideal climate for a zucchini plant is the temperate weather with warm temperatures that should never go below 15 degrees. The soil should be rich with organic substances and well managed, most of all, plants should be placed very deep. You can plant your zucchini directly letting the seed bud and then transplanting, or directly planting the seed in the final location. It is always a good idea to spread some dry leaves and other organic residuals around the plant in order to prevent weed to overgrow suffocating the plants.

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    Zucchini care

    Zucchini careWatering procedures should be frequent and heavy, most of all during the hottest Seasons and once the plants have been put into ground because the soil should be kept wet but airy. Fertilization should be done while preparing the soil for planting and seeding. Trimming is useful to avoid spare branches to steal nutrients from the main plant, so lateral branches gets usually cut off. The crop is ready every other season and the collection can last up to two months. The right time to collect the fruits is when the flower on the top is about to bloom. Since zucchini are an amazing help for your health, try to take care of your plants that can give you vegetables full with vitamins and anti-age properties, in addition to low calories and anti-inflammation characteristics.

    Zucchini maintenance

    Zucchini are often easily attacked by diseases and parasites. Molds, white fly, aphids are the most common problems that could occur to your plant so prevent them by being careful to not let humidity stagnate and keep your plants strong and resistant to parasites with preventing solutions. If it is not enough and the plants get weak, use some organic anti-parasites opting for the most natural ones in order to not affect the fruits that you will eventually eat.

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