Clump vegetables

Clump vegetables:

These vegetables are usually planted in small pots, and the heads are planted out in the garden when they already have some leaves, arranged in the classic compact rosette. Prepare the bed with a good rich soil that is soft and well-fertilized, and stretch out a string with the help of a couple of sticks to mark a straight line in the bed.

Along the line position your small plants, planting them at a distance of about 25-35 cm, depending on which vegetables you are cultivating. Take care to bury the plants with the collar not sunk into the ground, to prevent the onset of rot.

When you have filled the first row, move the string about 25-35 cm, to prepare for a second row. The more space you leave between the clumps, the easier it will be to perform regular hoeing of the soil between the plants.

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