Cultivating Impatiens

Cultivating Impatiens:

The Impatiens, also called touch-me-not and Busy Lizzie, is one of the most-cultivated small annual flowers. Flowering is continuous from May to June, until the autumn chills, and the small plants have few needs. The species most commonly cultivated is the Wallerian.

They should be placed somewhere very bright, but not too sunny. The light promotes flowering, but the more hours of direct sunlight the plant receives the more water it will require to keep its fleshy stems irrigated, and excessive exposure to sunlight also often causes burning to the leaves.

The soil should be light and loose, and fairly well drained. Throughout the growing season you should try to keep the soil around your Impatiens very fresh and quite moist, watering regularly, even daily in summer, and also mulching the soil with bark or leaves, in order to prevent complete evaporation of the water.

Every week add fertilizer for flowering plants to the irrigating water. These plants grow for up to 15-25 cm above the ground, so they are suitable for creating low flowerbeds or borders, and also for growing in pots.

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