Cultivating Rocket

Cultivating Rocket:

Rocket is an aromatic herb which is also used to enhance flavour in salads, pasta dishes and sauces. It grows wild as part of the Italian flora. In fact, the term rocket is commonly used to indicate two different herbaceous plants: eruca sativa, the cultivated arugula, and Diplotaxis Integrifolia, or wild rocket.

While in the past there was only seed for cultivated rocket on the market, nowadays you can also easily find seeds for wild rocket, which has smaller leaves and a more intense flavor. Rocket is an annual plant, with development in spring and summer, which can stand the cold; it is grown by sowing seeds directly in the ground, in the garden or in a large pot, because many leaves are consumed, and the harvest of a small pot can run out very quickly.

Prepare a plot that is not overly large, in a sunny place, where you can sow the rocket in successive waves, starting from early spring until late summer, in order to always have a fresh crop of new leaves. If you want you can perform just one sowing, but remember that you need to keep the plot of rocket constantly "clipped" so as to develop new leaves periodically on the plants, as if left to develop freely rocket plants tend to shoot, producing flexible but tough stems. Plants that have reached the flowering stage tend to produce very small leaves with a bitter taste, which are not interesting for culinary use.

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