Fruit plants

Fruit plants:

The corner of dedicated to the fruit orchard is for lovers of the outdoors who can afford a patch of green somewhere, but also for those who have only a small terrace, and want to try growing fruit trees in pots. In order to grow a fruit plant successfully, you should find out about their various extra needs. Our cards will help you decide which plants are best suited to your garden or terrace.

The special areas dedicated to fruit trees also suggest how to treat the most common diseases and parasites, how and when to provide fertilizers and pesticides, and how to shelter the most sensitive plants from the cold. For those who want to try going all the way with growing fruit trees, you will also find simple instructions on how to carry out pruning for the plants most commonly grown in Italy, from the apricot to the kiwi, and for the experts, there are also easy guides to grafting.

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