Growing apples

Growing apples:

The apple, malus communis, is easy to grow.

Plant apple trees in a sunny place, remembering that the plant will reach 3-4 meters in height and also in the diameter of the canopy. Place it where it will have the space required, and preferably also in a place sheltered from winter winds.

Before placing the plant enrich the soil with organic fertilizer, and work the ground well, removing weeds and breaking up the hardest and most compact clods.

Once the plant is in place, water the plant thoroughly. In the following months the plant will use rainwater, and will need watering only in the event of prolonged summer drought.

Pruning takes place in late winter, and is generally only limited, performed only to remove branches that are damaged, excessively thin or stunted in growth. In specimens that are a few years old, in general pruning may not be necessary, although it is recommended to shorten the more vigorous branches slightly in late winter or autumn.

In late winter you should also perform treatment with Bordeaux mixture, so as to prevent the occurrence of the most common fungal diseases.

To eradicate the major pests before flowering, perform treatments with broad-spectrum insecticides of systemic type, which are then absorbed by the tissues of the plant.

During the growing season it is good to provide granular fertilizer at the base of the plant, before mixing fertilizer into the soil it is good to clear the area around the trunk, removing weeds.

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