Growing peppers

Growing peppers:

Pepper plants, hot peppers and sweet peppers are grown as annuals in Italy. You can sow hot and sweet pepper seeds directly, but for ordinary peppers you should prepare small plants in the nursery, already in February-March if you have the possibility of sowing the seeds in a temperate greenhouse. Between late April and mid-May you will have some pepper plants that are already 10.5 cm high, and you can plant them out.

Peppers are grown in good rich soil that is soft and well-drained, but not too sandy or too compact. The plants are planted out at a distance of 40-50 cm apart, in a sunny place that is quite sheltered from the wind. Beside each seedling immediately place a guide stick, so that it grows very straight. Periodically weed the soil around the plant to prevent the development of weeds, and water thoroughly, especially during the warm months and when there is no rain. When you notice the presence of 5-7 fruits, cut off the upper leaves, so that the plant will stop producing new leaves and focus its efforts in the development of the fruit.

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