Growing radishes

Growing radishes:

Radishes are vegetables that are easy to grow. Even though they're available on the market throughout the year, they are usually cultivated in the garden only in the summer, from March to April until September. To cultivate them you will need a garden plot that is worked well and enriched with manure and sand, so as to make the ground soft and well drained. The plot should be well exposed to sunshine. The small seeds are sown by the broadcast method, mixing them with sand to make sure they spread well inside the plot, as sowing too thickly creates small plants pressed too closely together, which will produce roots of tiny size.

It is the roots of radishes that are eaten, raw, in Italian ‘pinzimonio’ mixed vegetable antipasto, or in salads; so it is essential that the roots have enough space to expand. There are many varieties of radishes, some are more suitable for growing in the months with mild climate, others are more suitable for growing in summer. After sowing you should water carefully, doing so every time the soil is well-dried; poor watering leads to hard radishes and a more intense flavour. To have fresh radishes always available, sow small plots in succession, spacing the plantings about 3 weeks apart.

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