Growing spinach

Growing spinach:

Spinach is a leaf vegetable that is easy to grow; the way it is cooked, however, means it is necessary to have a fairly large plot, to avoid insufficient harvests. The soil should be well worked and mixed with a little organic fertilizer: spinach tends to accumulate nitrogenous substances in the foliage, so it is best to avoid regular fertilizing of the soil after sowing.

Choose a plot in a semi-shaded area, with well-drained, soft soil. The seeds are sown directly in the ground, in rows, and thin out after germination, keeping only the most vigorous plants.

Spinach is sown in February-March, until April, in late summer and in early autumn. Its life cycle in the garden is approximately 60-75 days: 2-3 weeks after sowing collect the larger leaves. When the clump is well developed collect it all, removing the root from the ground. Watering should be regular, to keep the soil always fresh. If the plot is in a very dry place, it is a good idea to use straw to mulch the soil around the young plants.


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