Growing watermelons

Growing watermelons:

Watermelons are large fruit with characteristic red pulp. They are very cool and refreshing, and are eaten in summer. They belong to the family of cucurbits, like melons, pumpkins and squash, and the similarity with these plants is already apparent from the small seeds, which are flat and pointed at one end. Watermelons are grown in soil that is cool, well-worked and very well drained, and they should be placed somewhere that is sunny for most of the day. They can be grown directly from seed, but more often are planted out as seedlings that have already developed at least 3-4 true leaves.

The plant, which is an annual, grows to more than one square metre, so remember to place the young plants well spaced apart. Water the plants regularly, but allow the soil to dry out between waterings. It is important to keep the soil well-weeded, rooting out any and all weeds. When the fruit is about to reach maturity reduce watering, to avoid storing too much water, which will cause a loss of flavour of the pulp, and sometimes even the rupture of the outer hull, with consequent rotting of the fruit.

Growing Watermelon(Citrullus lanatus) under saline environment

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