Oregano and marjoram

Oregano and marjoram:

Oregano and marjoram both belong to the same species, Origanum. They are small perennial plants, originating in the Mediterranean area, Asia and Africa, and widely used in the kitchen. Origanum vulgare and Origanum Majorana differ in particular by size, since marjoram tends to be a creeper, while oregano produces thin erect stems, and in summer small flowers bloom at the tips. The leaves are very aromatic, and are typically collected by cutting the small plants close to the ground as soon as they have begun to bloom, after which they are dried; but the leaves may also be collected during the warmer months and used fresh.

These small perennials are grown in a sunny place, with a very well drained soil, free of stagnant water; growing them in a shady location or over- frequent watering makes the leaves lose their scent, and therefore they become of less interest. In areas with very cold winters, these herbs are typically grown in pots, so you can move them to the terrace or the windowsill during the winter, for winter use. In case of heavy frost, cover with non-woven fabric. Often, so you donít have to worry about the plants during the winter, they are grown as annuals, seeding them directly in March or April.

Benefits of Marjoram

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