Preparing the ground for the garden

Preparing the ground for the garden:

preparing the ground for the garden

Even if you donít want to grow anything in the garden during the winter it is still important to prepare the ground for the cultivation that will start in the spring. First of all you need to remove all residues of plants grown in summer, and also weeds, collecting all the waste. Unless you have grown plants specifically for that purpose, try not to bury the waste in the garden, because it can make a wintering place for pests and diseases, and there may also be seeds of weeds: so remove all vegetation and put it into landfills. Then sprinkle the soil with mature manure, which will enrich the soil with mineral salts, and also improve the texture. If the soil is very compact and hard to manure add a little sand or universal soil.

Then use a fork to break up any clods, which will help incorporate the manure into the soil.

Once the work is completed on the entire plot, use a rake to level the ground, to avoid making holes in which water could stagnate. Now the land is ready for our programme of cultivation. If we want to divide the land up into small plots we can do this before enriching it and working it, or even after that, digging small paths between the plots.

preparing the ground for the garden

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