Preparing your garden for the cold

Preparing your garden for the cold:

Preparing your garden for the cold

Most plants develop during the spring, but some, such as cabbage or onions, also develop very well during the winter. Towards the end of the summer most plants tend to dry out, so to maintain a healthy garden it is good to uproot all the plants that are dying or already dried out in the autumn, and work the soil where they had been growing, adding organic fertiliser, humus or a slow release granular fertiliser. In the rich and well worked soil plant vegetables that can withstand cold, choosing the sunniest parts of your garden, or at least somewhere sheltered from the wind and cold. In addition to growing plants outdoors during the colder months, you can prepare small tunnel greenhouses, where you can plant lettuce or herbs that will be available fresh throughout the year. Choose a good-sized plot, with sides no larger than 100 - 120 cm; work the soil thoroughly and enrich it with manure, and then plant the seeds or seedlings that you have decided to cultivate. Then place metal arches in the ground, approximately 75-100 cm from each other; in this way you can make a long tunnel that you can cover with plastic film, or better with an agricultural fabric, that will allow you to grow your plants in an environment that will survive the most intense frost.
Preparing your garden for the cold


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