Swiss chard

Swiss chard:

Most varieties can stand the cold, and can be grown as annuals, but with the passage of time the leaves become increasingly tough, so it is advisable to periodically renew the Swiss chard patch, or collect the entire clump of each plant by cutting to the root.

Prepare a bed that is well enriched with manure, and lightened, if necessary, with sand.

You can plant Swiss chard by the broadcaster method, but they should be drastically thinned out as soon as they have produced some leaves. More often, though, small plants that are already quite developed are planted out.

Position the future clumps of Swiss chard with at least 25-35 cm both between the plants and between the rows, taking care to leave as much space as possible, so that in time it will be possible to weed between the clumps; this will make weeding easier in time.

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