The cultivation of celery

The cultivation of celery:

Celery is a vegetable that produces a large tuft of stiff leaves, with a fleshy stalk. It is grown from seed, which is started in the nursery from February to March, and is kept in a warm and sheltered place until the plants can be moved in the spring. The plants, with a minimum height of 12-17 cm, are planted in files, and placed in a sunny place in a soil enriched with manure and well drained. Watering should take place with good regularity, in order to avoid leaving the soil dry for a long time, with periodic weeding to remove weeds. Collect the entire tuft of fleshy leaves, cutting it from the base; this is a biennial plant, so it is therefore possible to grow it for many months, removing the leaves as necessary from time to time, as in this case, with the passage of the months the leaves become more leathery and aromatic, and need to be protected with non-woven fabric during the winter.

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