Pachino tomato

Pachino tomato

This tomato is characterized by a very juicy and tasty pulp, its skin is lucid and it can last longer than regular tomatoes. Its taste is sweet and it is particularly adaptable in the culinary field for salads but also tomato sauces. This plant gives its best if grown in large crops but nowadays we can find it more than often as a terrace plant cultivated individually as other spices plants.
Pachino tomato

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Pachino location Being very adaptable it does grow anywhere with easiness. The perfect temperature though lies between 20 and 25 degrees and it would be better to never expose it to temperatures lower than 10 degrees. As for the climate, the soil is also something which is not so relevant as long as they are not very acid or too neutral, while adult plants can actually resist very salty grounds. If you are planting young plants you will only have to transplant them, otherwise, if growing them from seeds, you will have to put seeds under the ground in March and then remove the small buds when they are strong enough to develop in real and proper plants.

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    Pachino Care Pachino tomato plants need frequent and constant watering because the soil has to be kept wet. Most importantly is to avoid water stagnation. Do not spray leaves and fruits because this could bring fungal infections. Before implanting it is a good idea to add some manure to the soil in order to fertilize it and, since the lifecycle can last for a long time a slow release fertilizer is the best option. Be sure it contains the needed micro-elements that pachino tomatoes need. Considering the several benefit you can get from eating pachino tomatoes, it is always a good idea to preserve their cultivation and collect these fruits so helpful for our health and skin.


    There are two operations which are necessary in the development of a pachino tomato plant. Always remove the biggest bud in order to keep two or three of the others not before they developed up to seven real leaves and always preserve roots and lower part of the plant from getting damaged during the transplant. The collecting period goes from July through to October. Never let tomatoes get rotten while getting damaged by fungi because of the high level of humidity you made them grow in to.