Tomato growing

Tomato growing

There are several varieties of tomatoes, depending on the destination that could be salad tomatoes, sauce tomatoes, and similar. Tomatoes are collected when still green for salads and culinary fresh purposes, while to produce sauces and similar they have to be taken from the original plants when they have turned completely red.
Tomato growing

Tomato Growing

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The ideal climate for a tomato plant is the hot-temperate weather, which means that, in the absence of these characteristics, you can recreate the ideal environment in a green house, growing your tomatoes in these ideal locations. Places with a high level of humidity are not tolerated and it would rather grow in dry areas than in wet soils. In order to have tomatoes bud, you should position the plant to a temperature that should be as close as possible to 12 degrees C. Too high temperatures can cause fruits discoloration.

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    How to

    Tomato The tomato plant usually adapts to any kind of soil, even though it likes deep and well worked molds, with a perfect drainage system. It can resist to both acid and basic soils. Once you worked your soil, prior to sowing, you can get the mold ready to host the future plants by adding manure to the ground. Seeding must be performed when the temperature reached an ideal balanced level, not too high and not even too cold. When the plants start to bud, you should keep the strongest and remove the weakest.


    The very first fertilization should be done before seeding, as mentioned above, on a second moment you can add some rich fertilizer during the covering phase. There is a specific fertilizer for tomatoes, providing minerals and chemical elements necessary for the tomato to stay strong. In order to let the fertilizer reach their target, you should water the plants with regularity, especially during the blooming season. Do not spray the leaves with water because they could get broken or burned.


    MaintenanceTomatoes should be cut to limit the growth in height of the plants, making them more creepers than regular plants. Removing buds is necessary to let the main buds grow and collection is usually performed from June through September. Depending on the growth in vase or in open field, the collection times and procedures are specific. Just ask for help to experts to know the best method.