During the ancient times, when the Spanish imported the tomatoes plants, it was considered a poisonous plant that had to be used only as an ornamental piece. Later on, some aphrodisiac powers were thought to be part of the fruits and it soon became used for other purposes like culinary ones. It was with difficulty that the tomato plant gained its importance and fame, but it is now part of the most commonly used vegetables in the culinary area.

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Tomato plants do not stand low temperatures. For this reason the fruits are collectible during the spring and the summer season. They can be grown in tunnels and usually, they need sticks, fixed on the ground, to hold them, because the plant cannot bear the heaviness of the fruits on its own. Tomatoes need a soil with good qualities and this needs to be full with minerals and nutrients because it will host the plants for at least five months straight. The soil should be light and fertile but not too fertilized because an excessive presence of fertilization nutrients will cause rot to spread out. Tomatoes are part of those plants that are not fertilized with manure, but rather with mineral fertilizers.

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CARETomato plants need tutors to help the plant grow, bloom and fructify, because tomatoes are heavy. When they need to be transplanted, the soil should be cleaned from weeds and similar in order to prevent water and minerals to be absorbed from them and not from tomatoes roots. When more buds are present, usually the secondary ones get removed to allow the primary ones to grow and develop.


The parasite problem is a big deal for tomatoes that get attacked by those present in the soil, devastating the roots. Aphids and greenflies destroy the leaves and are vectors for virus and other diseases. To prevent parasites and diseased to grow it is necessary to spray the plants and the soil with special products for tomato plants with particular characteristics apt to be used on the plants and the fruits as well. Fungal diseases could appear on the roots or on the trunk. When fruits get affected they get rotten, so it is a good move to balance the fertilization and the watering in order to let the water drain, but do not let the soil get too dry and then too wet, because this will lead to a secure rot.

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