Orchids are diffused all over the world but most of them are native from the inter-tropical belt humid zones. They have very different habitats depending on their roots: most of them are epiphytes, that is with only aerial roots, or semi-epiphytes so they commonly live on other plants trunks and branches or upon rocks covered by a thin layer of vegetal scraps, mosses or lichens. In this section we will talk about useful information on orchids. Apart from how to take care of them, that is all the ordinary things to do to grow them healthy (pruning, watering, fertilizing) and descriptions of some species, here you will find reviews about orchids selling and information about how to grow orchids indoor. Orchids are grown because of their flowers extraordinary beauty. Even if florists sell them truncated, they have a great ornamental value so let them grow into plots they can set up a suggestive green corners indoor. Climate needs are very different depending on the orchid specie and its geographical origin and, ... continua

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    • Growing Orchids

      Growing Orchids Orchids are flower plants which have conquered the world scene and very huge part of the flower mark
    • Moth Orchid

      Moth Orchid A distinctive characteristic for the ideal habitat of this orchid is a relatively high temperature.
    • Orchids

      Orchids Once you bought the small plants, keep them separated one from the other to be sure they do not have
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      prosegui ... , for the same specie, depending on the biological cycle phase they are living. So it is very important to know how to accurately grow them and what kind of climate they need not to wither. Here we are going to talk about the most diffused orchid species such as the phalaenopsis orchid which name derives from the butterfly shape of its flowers. Its main feature is that flowers, even if cut, last for a very long time. We are used to recognize orchids by their classical specie (phalaenopsis), but orchids world is a very variegated one with a lot of spontaneous species classified as wild orchids growing spontaneously around us. The name has a Greek etymological roots meaning “testicle” because of the roots shape. The origin of this plant is explained by the myth of Orchid. Orchid was the son of a satyr and a nymph. During a festival of Bacchus (or Dionysus) he drank too much and attempted to rape a priestess of the God. For that reason and for the insult caused to Dionysus, Orchid was torn apart by the Bacchanalians. Even if his father prayed too much his son to be restored, Gods instead decided to turn him into a flower.
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