Hardy perennial are plants living more than two years. Being herbaceous plants they have no woody shrub so the aerial part of them doesnít survive to cold temperatures. Anyway, the roots deep planted in the soil grant us new plants every year. Due to their beautiful flowers, perennials are a very good decorative choice for gardens borders and rock gardens because they grant a plentiful and staggered flowering. Taking care of them is very easy because they donít need particular devices. In this section you will find every useful information about the most popular species and advices to seed and grow perennials in your garden, how to bed them out, watering, climate and soil needs.Perennials need some intervention during the autumn the way to grant a new vegetation growth in the springtime. Mulching is one of these interventions and it is necessary to prevent plants growing over and to keep the soil right humidity degree. Placing perennials is a procedure to accurately carry out because the crack of dawn could damage flowers and leaves. Thatís why it is necessary to place them at the garden eastside. Here we are going to talk about ardisia a flowering plant whose genus includes about 250 different species of trees and shrubs. The one with waxy leaves and red berries often replaces mistletoe in decorations during Christmas time. Heather is an evergreen herbaceous plant growing in peninsular zones. Its main features are lots, ... continua

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    • Aster

      Aster It is due to the resemblance to the stars in its shape and the deep meaning that the ancients wante
    • Heather

      Heather Most of the times heather is utilized to decorate gardens, balconies and terraces. It can be placed
    • Poppy

      Poppy It is widespread all over the planet and it is quite recognizable for its typical shape and color. I
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      prosegui ... , starting from antiseptic properties against diarrhoea and cystitis until pipe notching using its woody shrub. Chrysanthemum is a perennial flowering plant native from China where has been cultivated for the first time. At first its use was as an herb, then in the modern age it became an ornamental specie. Among perennial species there are growing over plants too. This is the case of Bermuda grass a fast-growing grass living in warm climates. Even if it is an invasive plant, it could be useful too for example in sports field due to its quick recovering when damaged.Many plants have links to customs, lifestyle or folklore. Their uses are plenty of symbolism and meanings. The heather is used to build good-luck charm; its burned leaves chase negativity and naughtiness away. Ardisia japonica is one of the 50 fundamental herbs in the traditional Chinese medicine. Poppy is a symbol of power since ancient Rome, when Tarquinio to let understand his son how to conquer a city cut down the highest poppies in his garden. This meant that to win it was necessary to destroy the highest offices, the most important and authoritative persons.