In this section we are going to show you all the main characteristics of phloxes, watering and light needs, plantation procedure, the right dirt to let them grow, diseases and parasitic to fight against. Each phlox is equipped with an own data sheet where you can find every useful information about where, when and how appropriately seed and grow plants; the right procedure and time to bedding and fertilize them. In the end, here you will find everything you need to know to try and have a pleasing to the eye garden.If it is true that every plant has its peculiar place into a garden it is also true that we should know what we are talking about. There are quite endless number of plants and flowers species fitting a garden from which it is often difficult to extricate yourself. What you are going to find in this section is a wide range flowers, ... continua

Articles on: Phloxes

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    • Camellia

      Camellia Camellia, also called the perfect flower, is originally from Asian tropical areas. It is an evergree
    • Pistachio

      Pistachio The pistachio tree has a specific appearance. It has a height that can reach up to eight or ten mete
    • Scotch Broom

      Scotch Broom Scotch broom is a plant which is originally from Asia, Africa and Europe. It is part of a family mad
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      prosegui ... , short bushes, trees and pot plants with an own data, peculiarities and main features together with curiosities, historical treats and general information the way to have a more exhaustive knowledge.There are lots of possible combinations to organize a garden depending on your liking. A smelling flowered garden cannot exclude roses, in every species they exist in earth, peonies, perfect flowers, brooms, hibiscuses, callistemon or commonly called bottle brush because of their funny shape. A great mix of colours and smells with shadowing bright trees like red maple, cedar or leafy evergreen shrubs like cycas. Anyway, a garden is much more than a phloxes collecting box: a garden is a trunk of precious plants too. That’s why we will also talk about the featured owned by some plants such as lavender, whose flowers main features are known since many years for their useful use both in medical and cosmetic field; juniper, whose berries are used in cooking both as a spice and an infusion; pistachio, whose seeds are edible or myrtle from whose berries the famous myrtle liquor is obtained.