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Plants, even if they are healthy and cared with attention can be attached by different diseases provoked by a wide range of persuaders. Bacteria, viruses, parasitic, insects or little animals such as moles and snails and fungi both of animal and vegetal nature can affect plants and transmit them risky diseases. To protect our plants from diseases and choose the right treatment to heal them we should know what kind of diseases we are facing and what kind of remedy to resort. In this section you will find detailed data sheet talking about the most diffused diseases affecting a plant. For each and every data sheet there will be useful information about the disease characteristics and the way it displays on the plant. Then you will find remedies, tools and treatments to face them when affecting plants and flowers. Bacteriosis is a disease provoked by phytopathogenic bacteria affecting plants tissues. Usually the attack every kind of plant because of a bad cultivation or after a too strong pruning. A useful method to eradicate it is to use products copper-based. Late blight affects ornamental and horticultural herbaceous plants. This kind of disease is provoked by a fungus and it is known since ancient times as the main cause of economic disaster due to bad harvesting soon after the disease displaying. Sooty mold is a fungal disease too that affects different kind of plants. Damages are not immediately clear but they appear in the long term. This is a contagious disease spreading because of unclean gardening tools or because of a general plant unease. Powdery mildew is a fungal disease affecting a wide range of plants and caused by many different species of fungi. Fortunately is one of the easiest disease to spot because of its distinctive symptoms that are white powdery spots. There are instead diseases affecting a particular kind of plants or flower such as roses, ... continua

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    • Peronospora

      Peronospora Peronospora is very dangerous for agriculture because of the economic consequences that a crop loss
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      Plants^ diseases A plants disease can be caused by external agents, bringing infections and damages to several differ
    • Powdery Mildew

      Powdery Mildew It looks like the plant has been covered with flour. This condition can take the plant to stop its g
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      prosegui ... , geraniums or vines. Often they are affected by fungi that, in the case of geranium, can lead to leaf blight or rather by bacteria leading to bacteroisis. Roses as well can be attacked by viruses, fungi or bacteria but even by a bad cultivation method. The most diffused diseases are grey mildew, rot, powdery mildew and leaf blight. Vines diseases can be provoked by insects such as cochineal or red spider or rather by fungi. The most common vine diseases are white mildew or powdery mildew.