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Parasitic and insects affecting plants are the main cause of their death or at least of their ill health. There are lots of parasitic and insects existing in nature and each and everyone acts differently depending on alimentation or procreation needs. Indoor or outdoor plants both risk to be affected by a specific parasitic or a kind of insect that generally affect plants depending on the plant structure and characteristics and act in different season depending on their vital cycle. Some of them prefer more or less humid conditions where growing and developing, others prefer summertime with hot temperatures. Every parasitic is dangerous for plants, leading leaves to weakening and pleat; damaging flowers, buds and sprouts; sometimes parasitic spot plants and suck their nutritive essences crucial for plants healthy development driving plants to death. In this section we will talk about different typologies of parasitic and infesting insects, ... continua

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    • Beetles

      Beetles They are usually confused with roaches but being a beetle means being part of more than hundred tho
    • Coackroaches

      Coackroaches Cockroaches are insects belonging to different species and families. In nature there are up to four
    • Whitefly

      Whitefly The white flies are most dangerous parasites for many kinds of plants. They include different specie
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      prosegui ... , their characteristics, optimal conditions for their growth and reproduction.As we said before parasitic and insects are many and each one has different characteristics, favourite plants to attack and different ways to do that. Here you will find different data sheet dedicated to the most dangerous and common insects and parasitic affecting our plants life. For each and everyone you will find their characteristics, morphology and habits. Cochineal is a phytophagous insect living on plants and feeding on plants. Because of this peculiarity cochineal is included among the plants most common parasitic. Their dangerousness express the maximum potential when there are optimal climate condition for their life and growth. Japanese beetle is an insect genus including more than 350.000 different species. Depending on the specie and family background they act and behave differently. Some of them such as ladybugs are not dangerous for plants, actually they are used in the biological fight against plants infesting insects. Lepidoptera too is classified as a plant parasitic even if among this genus we can recognize butterflies. It is not that butterfly is dangerous to plants but her larva, the caterpillar, does because he crunches leaves and trunk of every kind of plant. Red spider mite is one of the most common insect attacking our plants, above all herbaceous and shrubby plants and vegetables. Shrewmouse is a little mammal and even if he is very similar to mouse he isnít a rodent. Shrewmouse is wrongly classified among plants parasitic, actually he could be very useful in a garden because, due to his feeding, he loves heat insects, worms and other vegetables parasitic.