Underground pools are usually the most expensive and they are not easily removable. They are considered as part of the house system, having its own drainage and refueling processes. They need serious maintenance by expert, and they have to be built by specific technicians. To obviate to this burden and to the expense of underground pools, new external ones are easier to build, use and maintain.

External pools are made of plastic, or plastic-like materials, like silicone. They can be placed in your garden and they have different sizes and purposes. In fact there are pools for children, more serious pools for the whole family, and bigger pools to reach almost the size of those that should be put underground. Some have a wooden structure as ornamental decorations (sauna like) and others need an external solid metal structure to bear the heaviness of the water. They can have a round shape or a square shape, ... continua

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    • Above ground pools

      Above ground pools As their name says, they are above ground pools which means they do not need to be put underground.
    • Pool

      Pool The classic garden pool is, of course, the one which is put in a whole on the ground, but the severa
    • Showers

      Showers Today, it has become more and more usual to see garden showers, and it is not even that expensive to
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      prosegui ... , some can have trampolines, and many have stepladders.Being external elements filled up with water, there are several treatments you should do, mostly to water and structure. Ask the experts for those solutions that allow the water to be clean and of no risk for people swimming. Anti-fungal, anti-bacteria and anti- any other micro organism should be added to the water once the pool is full of water. Moreover, you will need chlorine and anti-algae powder. Remember to always keep your water clean to prevent sliding spots or diseases to grow, and affect human beings. Do not forget to ask for help when the pools must be emptied to avoid any dangerous consequence for the environment, as well.To help with the treatment processes and with the maintenance of your pool, there are different kits you will need. Filter kits, vacuum systems, ground cloth to prevent pools from cuts, tarpaulin to cover the pool from weather conditions or even to cover it from the sun when you use it in the hot summer afternoons, and so on. Some are also equipped with lights, led lights, water analyzers, and many other accessories depending on your wishes.