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Since pruning can be performed both on ornamental plants and mass production trees, different procedures and methods can be applied to different techniques. Pruning is necessary when the plants should be helped with their growth or production, because they could originally be slow or too fast, and depending on these characteristic you should apply the ideal pruning. Pruning procedures are directly related to the plant species they are applied to. There are cuts and trimming, curving and other techniques, but they are all classified under the pruning activity, which means that they interact with the structure of the plants, changing their aspects and the potential shape they could get.Pruning can be performed as formation pruning, maintenance pruning, rejuvenating pruning, production and clearance pruning. These are done depending on the time and life cycle of the plants. There are no specific times to prune, ... continua

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    • Olive tree pruning

      Olive tree pruning Olive trees are originally from middle east but they are now cultivated everywhere in Europe, Italy,
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      prosegui ... , and this is due to the fact that it all depends on the growth of the plants and the final results you would like to have. Usually the winter season is the ideal time to prune because most of the plants pass through the resting season. When pruning is performed in summer then it is called green pruning and it is usually connected to specific kinds of plants.Pruning requests tools that allow the cutting and the modification of the plant without leaving traces on the plant that should grow and regenerate without problems. There are specific tools like hacksaws, shears, skimmers, trimmers, and machines acting for those places where plants should be pruned as part of a whole crop structure.If pruning is well and correctly performed, you can get several benefits. These include more resistance to parasites attacks, less vulnerability and more fructifying potential. It is because of bad pruning that you could lose the productive potential of a tree or plant, or even promote the attack of fungal parasites, most of all if you use dirty tools.
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