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Pruning a tree or a plant means to trim some branches or some outgrowths to make them grow healthy. Whether it is a trimming process to cut some damaged parts off, or to give shape to the plant, or to avoid the plant to overgrow, or to simply make it breathe after a harvest, the pruning must be done with a lot of care and attention. The way you prune a plant can affect its future. Of course every specific plant needs its own pruning procedure, has its own ideal time to be trimmed and, most of all, requests different goals to be reached once pruned.There are several ways to prune plants, obviously depending on what we have to prune. The most common ones see the removal of the branches tips but they take different names depending on when the pruning is done (green pruning, winter pruning, etc). You can also get rid of buds on the trunk or the whole flowers that would suffocate the plant. It is not so difficult to do, ... continua

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    • Autumn pruning

      Autumn pruning The autumn is the time to prune shrubs that bloom in spring or summer, to encourage the development
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      Pruning Pruning can be done to both regular fruit trees and ornamental plants since most of the pruning tech
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      prosegui ... , when it is just a matter of leaves, which means, when you have to cut some overgrown leaves to trim the plant and make it look healthier. Specific procedures are when portions of the bark gets taken off, or when branches get broken and turned, or some parts of the trunk and of the branches get some cuts.The main purpose of the pruning process is to make the plant be healthy. Nevertheless, there are some other targets to reach when trimming a plant. In fact, if you trim your plant giving it the correct shape, you will allow the sunlight to reach every part, feeding it with the proper elements coming from the sun. If you need to speed up the growing process and the fructification, remember to trim the plant every other year after every harvest. Eventually, to reach a proper balance between roots and body of the plant, so that the plant grows stronger, you should follow what the experts tell you about pruning. Sometimes, you need to trim your plant to get rid of diseases or potential one coming from the presence of parasites.Usually the timeframe to prune goes from November through March, when most plants are without leaves, but this is applicable also to evergreen plants. Obviously, if your plant is damaged by third parties, just take those away by pruning only the damaged parts. Fruit plants are also trimmed once the harvest is complete, depending on the lifecycle of each plant can either be at the end of the summer or before spring comes. Pruning tools are usually pruning hooks, hacksaws, pruning shears, and other trimmers. Depending on the dimension of the plant you have to prune, be sure to use the proper tool to avoid not only to ruin the plant but also to get hurt while operating. Small plants, small pruners.