Autumn pruning

Autumn pruning:

Autumn pruning

The autumn is the time to prune shrubs that bloom in spring or summer, to encourage the development of compact vegetation. Proceed by shortening each branching section by about one third or one quarter, trying to give the shrub an ordered form and avoiding empty areas; by shortening the branches in the upper part of the plant we favour the development of new branches in the lower part, where shrubs often tend to grow sparsely due to poor lighting. Using shears, which should always be kept sharp and disinfected, make oblique cuts, so that the cut section is not parallel to the ground, to avoid water deposits on the cut surface; the cuts should be as sharp and accurate as possible. Try to make the cuts a few centimetres above a bud facing the outside of the bush, to promote the development of branches that are open to the outside, and not intertwined. Remove from the base of the shrub all branches with stunted growth and any that are damaged or diseased; and also thin out some of the branches inside the shrub, to facilitate ventilation in the canopy and also allow illumination by sunlight inside the foliage. If you cut any thicker branches, put sealing compound on the cut surface to prevent the development of fungal diseases.
Autumn pruning

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