Among every flower in earth, roses are a world apart with their story, their value, their meaning and their symbolic power through the history. Roses vary in shapes, colours, development and sizes and they can be bushy, climbing or trailing. Roses are everywhere in flowerbeds and along street edges; their ornamental power is unquestionable. In this section we will deeply talk about roses and their different species. Here you will find data sheet dedicated to some important species of rose with every main characteristic, way to take care of them (growth, watering, pruning, bedding out, fertilizing, flowering and so on) and parasitic to fight against to avoid diseases to the flowers and the plants. As we said before, roses are diffused in many different species. Learn something more about them is important to grow them perfectly and to know what kind of basic needs each specie requires to stay healthy. Here you will find news about dog roses, ... continua

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      Rose Nowadays roses are grown in greenhouses, even though it is not so uncommon to find wild roses spread
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      Roses In the ancient times, roses were the symbols of beauty and their original color was supposed to be c
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      prosegui ... , a climbing wild rose-pale flowers native to Europe, western Asia and northwest Africa; rosa rugosa, a shrubby ornamental plant with sweetly scented flowers used to make the famous pot-pourri in Japan and China; tea rose, a bushy perennial plant native to China with big pale-red flowers; ancient roses which difference from the other kind of roses is that they exist before 1897; and other species of roses whose main characteristic is the colour such as yellow and white roses. Particular attention will be due to their taking care of with specific data sheet on pruning, fertilizing, grafting, transplanting. Roses are grown since ancient times and gushed over by poets and writers of all times all over the world. In the past was used as ornamental plant but even as a remedy for its officinal and aromatic properties. As for all the flowers even for roses there are different meanings. For example, dog roses mean pleasure and pain; white rose has a religious meaning of pureness and virginity, thatís why is the flower often offered to the Virgin Mary while red roses, as well known, mean passion. Each rose has its symbolic meaning thatís why it is recommended not to give white roses to a sick person because they seem as a death symbol or to bring white or red roses on a plane because it brings bad luck.

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