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Succulents, or fat plants, are plants that absorb water when it rains, or when they are watered, and they store it to use it during dryness periods to feed the whole plant itself. They can have leaves, bodies and really though roots, because of their own nature: being succulent plants. Usually people tend to call all succulents as cactus: cactus yes, it is a succulent; on the other hand, every succulent plant is not a cactus. They are those kinds of plants that people use to have in their apartments or houses, because they do not need a lot of care, but still there are some information that you should know about these interesting plants.

TIMESucculents grow during summertime and they do need heat, so keep them in a warm place. Despite this, do not keep them in a too warm place during winter because in that period they would rest, and they need to be kept in chilly places. Keep them away from heaters and similar. They are fine if placed on terraces, ... continua

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      prosegui ... , as far as they are repaired from ice and bad weather.Many succulents can bloom once a year. They have to be taken care of , with a lot of attention: you have to realize when they are about to bud because you should stop watering them before this happens. In fact, succulents bloom when they are going through the drought period. Some of these succulents have thorns. Thorns on succulents originated to substitute regular leaves, and to prevent the plant to lose water. Their surface is hard and waterproof, since they absorb everything they need from their roots. Be careful when you handle them.Those succulents that have thorns do not need to be watered during winter time. Cactus is one of these. Herringbone like succulents, instead, need to be watered every two weeks, but do not overwater them if you do not want to see their fat leaves getting rotten. Summertime is the best season to water both the types at least once a week, with not a lot of water. The plants would absorb some, and store part of it.If you are keeping succulents in your apartment, they would need less amount of fertilizer, but you have to remember to fertilize them every once in a while, depending on the specific plant. If you did plant your succulents in the garden, fertilize every 20 days following the direction of the substance you are using. Just remember that the fertilizing solution should contain nitrogen.
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