Cactus are easily recognizable by the presence of thorns and some of these are particularly painful even if lightly touched. These plants can be either very small or very big and their dimensions can vary both in the horizontal and the vertical sense. They can be globe like or flat, tree like or round, and they are particularly appreciated as ornamental plants mostly because they do not need that much care or attention.

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Cactus plants need places with a lot of sunlight exposure and, in order to develop each side of the plant equally, they need to be exposed on their all, not only a side, which means you should turn the plant with regularity. If the plant turns reddish or changes color, you should change its position because too much sun exposure could be a cause of its transformation. It can easily handle high temperatures, of course, and it can bear low temperatures as well, but do not let it stay in places that go below 10 degrees. The ideal soil for cactuses is a light and well drained mold, with sand mixed to it. If it is your first experience with succulents, ask to the expert for specific mold you can find in gardening stores.

  • Repotting a cactus Cacti have a root system of modest dimensions, and are generally quite slow growing, but in any case it is advisable to repot these plants at least every 2-3 years, preferably in the autumn. They do n...

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CARECactuses should be repotted at least once a year because their roots grow deep and the soil could get low in nutrients and minerals. The ideal period to change their vase is during the spring when their vegetative status begins. Choose the right measure of your vase considering the dimension of your succulent and the potential growth it can have during a whole year. Do not get scared if you notice a slow getting back to normality after you repotted: cactuses need time to recover. Watering should be done when the soil looks very dry with the right quantity of water.


Even if cactuses do not need a lot of attention, if you fertilize them you will get amazing results. Do it between April and August, once a month, the important thing is that fertilizer should contain the right minerals that succulents need. Cactuses can be affected by parasites and if they attack the roots, you will notice the plant growth turning to "no growth" at all. Use antiparasites but be careful of not being the cause of potential damages by watering too much. Since there are different kinds of cactuses, always ask for more information where you buy it, or get it, because each plant could own particular information or necessities you should be aware of.

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