They are called fat plants, but their real name is succulents, because it comes from their main feature related to their texture which is able to store water in huge quantity in order to make it available during dryness periods. Many times, the plants of the succulent genre are mistakenly confused with cactus in general, calling everything looking like a cactus, a cactus per se. It is true, cactus is a succulent, but not all succulents are cactuses. Succulents fit any kind of weather, but of course, they do not suffer dry and hot places, but rather humidity and wet ones.

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Succulents location

A well drained soil is necessary for the growth of these watery plants, because stagnating water would be very harmful. The period that goes from the winter season to the spring is very particular because the plant has to gradually get used to the improvement of light quality and quantity. In general, a good place for succulents is a hot environment, with light exposure and dry soil. Air is a good help in the case of very hot places, but too heavy wind can of course damage fragile plants.

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Field Guide to Succulents in Southern Africa

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Succulents care

Succulents careSucculents do not need to be watered as constantly as other plants. What matters the most is that you water them every once in a while, with a lot of water so that it can absorb it and store it for the dry seasons. Fertilization is not necessary, but if you are willing to do it, you can fertilize it before spring with a little fertilizer dedicated to succulents, mixing it to the water of irrigation. Water is essential as well as sun light, so be sure you keep your plant under the sun for at least the majority of the day.

Succulents maintenance

Succulents maintenanceSucculents are not let off parasites or other diseases, which means that, most of all while taking care of these plants, you should be careful and use the correct attentions. When you cut or remove dry leaves or similar, do not infect the rest of the plant with dirty tools or hands, plus, when you re-pot it, do not let it stay in potentially harmful places before putting them in the ground. When you see your succulent attacked by parasites, remove them before practicing any cure, but this always depends on the type of parasites which have attacked your plant.

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