Cultivating Crassula

Cultivating Crassula:

Cultivating Crassula

The succulent Crassula is one of the most common ornamental plants and is grown in a good porous soil: not too rich and well drained, so that the roots do not remain immersed in water for a long time. You should water from March to September, but only when the soil is really very dry.

At the same time you should provide small doses of fertilizer by using a special product for succulent plants, no more than a couple of times a month. These plants prefer containers that are not too bulky, so remember to grow them in pots just a little larger than the lump of earth around the roots.

They are grown outdoors from April to September, in a very bright, but not overly sunny place: direct sunlight can burn the foliage, which takes on a brown-reddish colour. During the remaining months it is grown in a cold greenhouse, away from frost but not in a warm place. It is highly susceptible to attack by scale insects.

Cultivating Crassula

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