Propagating succulents by leaf cuttings

Propagating succulents by leaf cuttings:

Propagating succulents by leaf cuttings

Succulent plants such as Crassula, Echeveria and Kalanchoe can be propagated easily from leaf cuttings. This operation is preferably performed in late spring or summer, although it can be performed successfully at any time of year.

First of all, prepare a bed to plant the cuttings: in a low pot or in a seed tray, mix peat and universal soil with sand or pumice stone. Then you remove the small leaves, using a sharp grafting knife. If the plant contains a lot of latex is advisable to let it dry for a few hours before burying it.

The leaves should be buried for at least a couple of inches in the prepared bed, and well watered. The tray with the cuttings should be kept moist, in a bright and protected place, until complete germination of the cuttings. You will often get a small plant that will dry out the leaf used as a cutting.

Propagating succulents by leaf cuttings

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