Syrups are useful for many kinds of problems, but mostly for those symptoms that affect us during the winter season. You can produce it by only mixing your natural ingredients, such as herbal mix or extracts, water and sugar, or honey. The preparation varies depending on the herbs you are using and mostly on the parts of these plants that you would like to release their principles. You should choose the proper parts, and then mix them to water and sugar. Be careful with proportions: sugar is not only used to sweeten the herbs, but also to preserve the whole final product. Once you are done with the mixture, you have to store it in the fridge, and in dark containers, without letting anything in or out of it.Depending on the problems you have to heal or to prevent, and the methods you want to apply, the purposes of natural syrups can vary, not only depending on the herbs you use to create them. Some are necessary to help you with colds and cough, ... continua

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      Cough syrup Natural remedies are the most requested in order to guarantee your body to get well soon without min
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      Syrups Syrups are usually divided in three major groups: solutions, emulsions, and suspensions. This is rel
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      prosegui ... , other to preserve your health, and to get you ready for the winter season with all the attacks coming from viruses and bacteria. You usually take this syrup remedy using a spoon, and swallowing it down. If you just made your syrup, let it rest for a couple of hours or days before using it, and then take it twice or three times a day to maintain their wished result.

      TYPESEvery syrup gets its quality and principles from the origin plant. Just like any other natural product, if you know the qualities of the plant, expect the same characteristics for the potential product you are trying to extract from it. Some syrups are more liquid than others, but as a general rule, they all have to have a syrup consistency, per se, to be considered as such. Once you open a syrup container, do not let it there forever, use it as much as possible because the more it stays unused, the worst. If you are using the kind of syrup to protect you and not just to heal some already present symptoms, then be sure you read the labels or, if you are using the proper elements to make it yourself. Ask for help to the experts.