In this section we are going to generally talk about trees. In fact, there are lots of different trees species of all around the world and each and everyone of these need a specific care and climate. A tree is not just a plant with leaves and a trunk freely growing everywhere: an olive tree need a different environment from the one a pinaster needs to grow healthy and strong. The same happens for coastal trees rather than mountain tree. That’s why what you are going to find here is a varied collection of data sheets concerning a great variety of trees species from the palm tree to the horse chestnut. Inside each data sheet you will find general information and the main features of the tree: description, treatment, watering, climate and advices useful to plant, grow and take care of the tree you are intended to plant in your garden.As we said before, ... continua

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    • Palm tree

      Palm tree Palm trees are strong trees. Their trunk is strong and very thick. Many of the several different spe
    • Phoenix tree

      Phoenix tree They belong to the large range of palm trees which are particularly appreciated because they embelli
    • Trees

      Trees Whether they are fruit trees, decoration plants, or simply trees, we are already aware of the fact t
    • Yew

      Yew Yew can be found mainly through the northern hemisphere and in particular next to the areas of the P
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      prosegui ... , trees are not all the same, everyone of them have peculiar characteristics to be known the way to plant and take care of them appropriately. Of course, it is quite impossible to review all the existing species, anyway the effort is to be as much complete as possible to let you know or deepen your knowledge about the most famous and widespread species. We will show what you need to know to distinguish a tree from another in the most easy and handy way: fruit trees such as mulberry tree and cedar tree; evergreen trees (spruces, pines, ashes); ornamental trees such as mimosas and magnolias and trees populating woods and forests poplars, birches and oaks in their different species. Still, you will find some thematic data sheet on pulling down trees, pruning and cutting trees.Talking about trees doesn’t mean only explain things related to their biological life. Trees are much more than just plants, that’s why there is much more to know than just their vegetative cycle. There is a rich history beyond their branches, thing to know as a general knowledge. So a little bit of history, a little bit of curiosity and your personal tree encyclopaedia is almost complete. For example, do you know that at the end of the XIX century a French doctor, De Vevey, discovered the principles that make horse chestnut useful to attend to venous flow diseases? Do you know that there is a plane tree in the Harry Potter saga called “The puncher plane tree”? Still, do you know that the freemasonry chose the acacia as its symbol of immortality and pureness? This and many more curiosities will go with you all along this section.