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Different kinds of vases can be utilized in different places and for various purposes. If you have to place them on terraces they have to be those vases that can either stand on the ground or hang from the wall. If you opt for hanging vases and flower boxes remember that you will need a hanging structure, usually made of metallic material, and vases made of plastic or any other light material.Plastic is the main material used to make flower boxes and vases. In fact, it is ideal for both placing flower and other plants, both on the ground or hanging from a terrace. Plastic vases have different shapes and dimensions. Often, plastic vases should be used with flowerpot saucer to save the water draining from the inside of the vase. They should always have the right dimension for the potential plant you will pot, otherwise the plant will suffer, no matter the material of the flower box. Lately, ... continua

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      prosegui ... , garden designers are creating plastic vases of any kind, most of them with led lights and other specific characteristics to fit specific plants’ needs.The traditional vases are made of terracotta, even if, compared to the plastic ones, they result very heavy and hard to move around. On the other hand, terracotta elements can deal fine with adverse weather conditions and they do not break because of different temperatures.Some think that flower boxes are necessary in every garden, but also terraces. They can be made of wood, plastic, rattan, o even cement, because they are considered as decorative element of a house, or of a garden, no matter the material they are made of. What matters is the functional aspect: it has to fit the necessity of the person. The wooden boxes usually have a plastic layer on the inside to isolate the plant from the outside environment. Cement or stony boxes are heavy but good as decorations, while the plastic ones have less from the point of view of esthetic look, but they are lighter and versatile. If you want to plant creepers, there are also flower boxes with grid attached.Vases and flower boxes do not need much maintenance as far as you keep them clean and safe from molds and parasites.
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