Vines are plants whose branches are unable to support themselves autonomously so they need artificial supports such as walls, nettings, poles to grow and climb. Species are very differentiated because of structure and growth; ability to climb is their main characteristic thatís why their use is mainly recommended for decorative and ornamental aims, to build pergolas, hedges or places to shade against the summer sun. In this section you will find data sheet dedicated to lots of vines species described in their main features and basic needs. Inside each data sheet you will find useful advices to take care of them appropriately, about the right soil to use for a better growth and development, remedies against parasitic and diseases that could prejudice them.Vines are one of the most important component for pensile and rock gardens. Let vines grow in our gardens means lots of things: attenuate sun warming and noises; shielding our garden or balcony from an unpleasant view; cover unaesthetic walls; protect other plants from the direct sun light. Choosing how to place a vine is a very important step due to the position and place where we want to collocate it. Then select our favourite vine among the different species is a matter of liking. If you are looking for a flowered smelling garden opting for a jasmine is the right choice. Mixed bougainvilleas could be a real pantone reproduction with their fuchsia, ... continua

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    • Bouganville

      Bouganville Bouganville is a very particular plant we can find walking through city or country roads, being char
    • Creepers

      Creepers Creepers are usually utilized to create ornamental corners or decoration to gardens and green areas
    • Jasmine

      Jasmine Jasmine drops its leaves only in those places where it is grown and the temperatures go below zero C
    • Passion flower

      Passion flower Passion flower name derives from Latin and it means, of course, passion, because some parts of these
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      prosegui ... , orange and white bright colours, but if you are looking for complexity donít let to leave behind the opportunity to enrich your garden with the elaborate architecture of passion flowers represented by their tons of different, magnificent species. If it is just elegance what are you looking for, then mandevilla, with its red little bell shaped flowers, is a very good and fascinating option. For ornamental vines barberidopsis coralline is an original and delicate choice with its bunches red flowers as little as a hazelnut.Vines are beautiful both in flowered and leafy version, but they are delicate and sensitive too. Being susceptible to cold temperatures, they should be placed westwards or southwards where usually there is more light and warmer temperatures. For their healthy growth, the pot choice is very important. Due to their high growing they need big vases to develop their roots. The biggest the vase is the less you should operate bedding. To let vines perspire well it would be better to choose vases made by natural materials such as terracotta or wood. Synthetic materials such as plastic do grant endurance to temperature leaps. Anyway, any kind of vase you want to use, it must have drainage holes to avoid water stagnation.